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Hey folks, as some of you might not follow me on twitter (@RadoNonfire) I decided to compile small list of my recent articles that aren’t on medium. I also have some Overwatch coming up relatively soon so make sure you’re following me there so you don’t miss them! Also working on the LoL stuff I mentioned in the previous similar post, but as I overestimated myself in how long it will take to complete it I don’t have a timetable for it this time.

Brood War’s allure — ASL through the eyes of a newbie — I wrote about my experience of watching Brood War for the first time, during ASL’s second season as someone who’s never watched or played it previously. It is crazy to think that the first OSL aired on TV in ’99 and more than 17 years, not only do people play and compete it, but it’s fun to watch, even compared to modern day games.

A short excerpt from the article above:
“The second they are in the game lobby, all traces of the two somewhat awkward nerds, unable to express their feelings in words, disappear, giving way to two ruthless generals willing to do everything for a win. The Ultimate Weapon starts on the offense, but to the surprise of many fans and experts the Tyrant responds perfectly. Seemingly everywhere at once, he is ready for everything thrown his way and 17 minutes later he draws from his opponent the first “gg” of the night. The camera shows the God’s face and he’s taken aback, whereas on the other side of the stage Jaedong looks furious, knowing it’s too early to celebrate. For game two, it’s Jaedong who goes on the offensive early and Flash who repels it perfectly, having every answer and taking a “gg” in under 10 minutes.”

“Fixing” Lunatic-Hai: a thought experiment — In the last 4 months of 2016, Lunatic-Hai accumulated three second place and one top 8 finishes at offline events. With those, the squad stands out in most eyes as the clear choice for the receiver of the title ‘best Korean Overwatch team of 2016’. In addition, half of the young men also finished first in the Overwatch World Cup. Yet, despite all the achievements and being widely considered one of the elite teams in the world, Lunatic-Hai didn’t seem likely to pick-up the gold at a big international event in the future, as they had some easily discernible weaknesses in their game. They have attempted to address their problems with the recent additions of Zunba and Whoru and that will likely push the squad in a new direction with an eight player roster. The first has already proven himself as a top tier player and has been tested, but it is curious if the largely unknown Genji specialist will be able to perform at LANs.

Rather than addressing the recent additions, this article takes a look at the old roster, attempting to figure out if there were other possible solutions to the squad’s silvery troubles, among the already established Korean talent. As with any problem, finding potential solutions begins by analyzing the situation.

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