Time for ArHaN to step up or step down

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RadoN’s thousand is a series of articles in which I share my take on an esports topic of my choosing in about a thousand words. This entry focuses on Afreeca Freecs Blue’s ArHaN.

Jeong “ArHaN” Weon Hyeop is the focal point and — at least going by the resources he gets — the primary star of Afreeca Freecs Blue, one of the best organizations in Korean Overwatch. During his time in Blizzard’s hit FPS, he has experienced success in both online and offline competitions, the peak of his accomplishments being a runner-up in APEX S1 and a first place finish at BlizzCon’s World Championship for 2016. Additionally, ArHaN’s mechanical capabilities were, and continue to be, some of the more impressive in the scene, as lightning-quick reflexes and pixel-perfect aim characterize his play whenever he’s at peak performance. To top it all, the Korean possesses a killer instinct and a star-player mentality, which many talented competitors lack. Whenever AF Blue succeeds, he can often be found leading at the team’s forefront with aggressive plays, acting as the head to AF Blue’s spear.

Yet, despite the number of accomplishments and obvious talents, the well-known Genji specialist is a core reason for Blue not being as successful as they could have been, and having a monstrous player of the caliber of Jeong”Recry” Taek-hyun on the roster would suggest.

Recry of AF Blue. Photo credit: OGN

ArHaN emerged on the scene as the star of what would eventually show itself to be the better of the two MiG — soon to be Afreeca — teams. He became known for his excellent play on Genji worldwide and quickly showed himself to be one of, if not the, best on the ninja. Even at this point, many would judge his plays as overly aggressive, but the success he had as the team’s primary star made his gameplay hard to argue against. Shortly after, ArHaN and co. qualified for APEX S1, while sister-team Afreeca Freecs Red failed to do so, despite being dubbed as the better of the two. Then, Recry came over from Red and replaced attune to form the now well known DPS duo, and core of Afreeca Freecs Blue. Recry’s addition boosted the team’s firepower immediately, but within a month of his debut he had also put his impressive mechanics to full use and eclipsed ArHaN in terms of game impact.

Regardless of that, the latter’s star-player mentality was unshakable as…

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