Agile, DevOps and Load Balancers: Evolution of Network Operations

by Prakash Sinha

Many organizations have a guidance to cut IT spending while rolling out secure application services in a continuous delivery model. Many R&D teams in these organizations have adopted Agile and DevOps practices to enable faster delivery. The goal of Agile and DevOps practices is to deliver applications quicker and to deploy them with a lower failure rate than traditional approaches.

As cyber threats force organizations to tighten security within their datacenters and applications; delivering advanced and secure application services quickly and cost effectively poses a challenge to IT teams. Cross-domain web-enabled services that span networking, application and security require collaboration across teams, often creating conflicts and delays in the testing and provisioning. The virtualization of the data center and transition to the cloud brings additional complexity in managing and maintaining appliances and applications.

Even more difficult is the learning curve across these different domains. Rolling out new services that are secure and high-performance requires deep IT expertise and familiarity with quirks of various systems.

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