DevOps Brings the Cloud to Application Development

by Frank Yue

Applications need to change quickly and easily in today’s fast-paced world of the internet. DevOps is bringing applications the ability to morph and evolve the same capabilities that the cloud has delivered to IT infrastructures. Applications require constant adjustments and fine tuning to meet consumer and market requirements. DevOps offers application development a flexible process model that delivers the agility and elasticity benefits found in cloud architectures.

Cloud for the programmers

Cloud technologies blossomed because they provided the agility and elasticity that businesses needed to ensure that their applications were delivered reliably and efficiently. The effective delivery of applications, internally and externally, is essential to almost all businesses in today’s market environment.

To review, agility is the ability for application delivery architectures to add and remove services quickly and easily. The addition or removal of an application or component of an application cannot take weeks or months. Elasticity is the ability for the IT infrastructure to scale resources to meet demand. When client demand increases, or decreases, the application delivery infrastructure needs to be able to accommodate the necessary changes to the available resources to meet the demand without disrupting the service.

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