Hybrid Cloud — It is Not the Migration that Hurts

by Frank Yue

The last time I moved was 10 years ago. At the time, I told myself that this is the last time I am moving. The packing and relocation of my belongings was not too much trouble. The main problem is trying to get everything sorted out and put into their proper place in the new home.

When businesses migrate applications to the cloud, the process is similar. They are very familiar with the applications and their data. The problem is that they need to understand how the applications will behave in the new environment. Where does the data reside and how do the clients access the application’s new home?

This problem is compounded when the business keeps the application active in its original location. Now, there are two locations to access the information and while the application and the data are the same, the different infrastructure and accessibility make the management of the application delivery complex to manage.

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