Hybrid mitigation — Why it’s exactly what you need in complex attacks

by Ron Winward

Recently a company in the DDoS protection space published an article about how hybrid mitigation models are ineffective against large HTTP POST attacks. While we respect all of our industry colleagues and support their contributions to the space as a whole, I wanted to review the case study and offer a different perspective.

The hybrid mitigation model uses an appliance at the customer premise and cloud-based solutions for volumetric attacks that exceed the local internet capacity (or capacity of the local mitigation appliance).

In the article in question, the author argued that premise-based solutions are only for application-layer attacks and that cloud-based solutions are used for volumetric network-layer attacks. The article seemed to infer that a premise-based device can’t withstand a volumetric attack, and that there was no place for premise and cloud-based solutions to work together.

The attack mentioned can be a challenging one if you’re not prepared, but Radware has had a solution to it for years.

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