IoT Botnets the Fault of Manufacturers, 69 Percent of Consumers Report in Radware Survey

Who is to blame when hackers take control of thousands of internet-connected devices to carry out a DDoS attack?

That’s what security researchers have been asking since the Dyn attack hamstrung dozens of major websites in October. Using the Mirai malware, hackers harnessed 100,000 internet-connected devices in a DDoS attack that reportedly reached 1.2 Tbps. Those devices, from cameras to DVRs, are often consumer-owned, and we wanted to see what consumers thought of their devices being co-opted for these attacks.

We asked them where they’d point fingers if their devices are compromised and used as part of an IoT botnet.

Some 69 percent of consumers hold device manufacturers responsible for making sure devices in consumers’ homes can’t be manipulated by hackers to launch attacks against others, according to a new study among over 2,000 U.S. adults conducted online on behalf of Radware by Harris Poll.

This makes sense, and manufacturers deserve the pressure consumers are putting on them. An HP study shows that 70 percent of IoT devices contain vulnerabilities. It turns out the race to bring the world online has included a few shortcuts.

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