My Network has High Cholesterol

by Ben Zilberman

5 out of 6 businesses struggle daily with low profile DDoS attacks that consume their bandwidth and resources and pose a burden, resulting in poor service level and customer experience

You know how when you get to a certain age, feeling ‘good’ is not good enough? Well it might be good for your everyday life — obviously, you don’t need to extract the most out of your brain and muscles for the day-to-day to-do’s, but there is no guarantee that there is nothing there that negatively impacts your performance, or may be silently growing.

In the information age, businesses rely more than ever on the speed and accuracy of data. It needs to be secured, and it needs to be clear for whoever receives it (man or machine).

While most of us who generally feel ‘good’ do not worry so much about health checks — certainly not on a daily basis — as long as we manage to do what we need to do, IT teams invest most if not all of their time making sure the information system performs at its best. Why? Because time is money.

Following information-security media outlets for the past year, one may think that there are IoT botnets in every corner bringing enterprise networks down on their knees, but the reality is different. Despite the record-breaking volumes we have seen in 2016, non-volumetric DDoS is still prevalent. This denial-of-service technique is still proven to be very efficient in exhausting network and server resources. Moreover, a non-volumetric attack can evade detection mechanisms and consume bandwidth and resources without the target knowing — affecting service-level quality.

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