Ten Burning Cyber-Security Questions for the Next Debate

by Carl Herberger

Thus far, if nothing else, the two presidential debates have been breathtaking spectacles of differences of opinion and pomp. I think I would be in fair company to say that most of the topics have been superficially covered and numerous dire topics have yet to really be debated, such as cybersecurity. Among the deep and profound questions, I would be eager to understand where the candidates are with regard to the following extremely important topics.

Around Personal Privacy:

1. Would you say that there is an explicit or implied Right to Privacy in the U.S. Constitution, and why?

2. At what level over government technical eavesdropping is enough?

3. Is it possible for the government to collect too much information on their citizens? If so, what is that level?

4. Should the government be held responsible if they lose people’s identity or reveal secrets?

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