The Quadruple Play for your Local Grocer — Security, Voice, Data, and Video — and Bananas Too!

by Louis Scialabba

Earlier this year, Radware published “From the Front Lines- How a Multinational Bank Handled a Ransom Threat and SSL-based Attack” — a very timely piece describing the risks that large banking institutions face in the current security climate.

However, perhaps lost in the message was the impact to smaller, local financial institutions (think credit unions, currency exchanges, grocery store bank kiosks, and banks on Main Street), and the risks incurred by having insufficient protection against both the most rudimentary cyber-attacks and the extremely complex.

In 2016, the financial services industry suffered 44 million cyber-attacks, more than any other industry. Everything from hacktivist motivated ransomware attacks to Internet of Things (IoT) assaults targeted the financial sector, resulting in hundreds of millions in lost revenue. Much of this is in the noise among the large national and international banking headlines. However, the vulnerability gaps for smaller financial entities, and the corresponding opportunity for Managed Security Service Providers to provide them protection is incredible.

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