We Hate to Say “I Told You So,” But…

by Carl Herberger

Every year Radware sets forth predictions in our annual security report called Radware’s Global Application and Network Security report and, we might add, have achieved a very substantial track record of forecasting how the threat landscape will evolve. After all, it is fun to predict what may happen over the course of a year in security. The industry moves so fast and while some things do stay the course, it only takes one small catalyst to spark a new direction that nobody could have predicted.

What are the possibilities of some kind of major digital event in reality? Let’s revisit some plausible cyberattack profiles or scenarios that we predicted at the end of 2016:

1. 2017 will see the Rise of Permanent Denial of Service (PDoS) as a serious consideration for data center and IoT operations:

PDoS has been around for a long time; however, it only shows itself spectacularly to the public from time to time, most recently in the form of Brickerbot. Some other examples include how a USB exploit can be inserted into a computer and render a computer bricked, and a tool uncovered by HP Labs called PhlashDance that was leveraged to find vulnerabilities in often forgotten firmware and binaries that sit localized on computing devices.

There have been a lot of other examples where PDoS is becoming more of reality and reports are picking up, such as this one, to be focused on physical hardware performance leading to permanent shutdowns. There is also a rising concern, especially from the consumer electronic disaster of the Samsung Notes 7 device, of devices which can be maliciously set on fire.

So, what else should we be looking at as we continue on through 2017?

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