2 positives and a plan

Hey you, stop with the negative self talk…

Oh you weren’t just thinking negatively ?

Have you thought unfavorably about yourself today?

Here’s the deal

We all get it, we all get THERE sometimes; and if we are being honest, we do it a lot more than we wish we did

Here’s the plan

Every time you say something negative about yourself or your life:

  • 2 positives
  • 1 plan

Say two positive things about yourself, and one plan to change that “negative” thing, or one plan to change your mindset about that “negative” thing

Here’s the idea

The more positive self-talk, the more positive your self image will become, the less your thoughts will be clouded by all of your “negatives”

Yes we heard positive self-talk before, but I’m encouraging you for every negative you speak of yourself, say two positives to counter that negative, and a plan to “rid” that negative. If the negative is changeable, you make a plan to change it, if that “negative” is something that is unchangeable, then you make a plan to change your mindset.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, while it sounds simple enough, it’s not always simple to think positive about oneself, especially when you are in the midst of a negative thought. It seems silly that it’s almost a negative to think positively about yourself; it’s okay, go ahead and give yourself a pep talk.

I will share my negative thought, along with my two positives and a plan with you in hopes that you too can share yours

Negative thought: not losing weight the way I want, where I want

2 positives: I am strong, I have a pretty smile

1 plan: To continue to work hard in my fitness regimen, makes plans to alter my eating habits, shake things up

— R. L. Heyen

Instagram: rlheyen

Facebook: R. L. Heyen