2017: The expected v. the unexpected

For those of you whose year has started off with a bang and the wheel of life kept turning in your favor this is something to be thankful for and of course what we all wished for. Life won’t always be sunshine, it will sometimes have rain, but you know what, true character comes when it feels like life if offering you everything … and when it’s offering you nothing. We all need a little bit of rain to grow anyhow.

Mentally list the things you’re thankful everyday

For those of you whose year has started off and continued unexpectedly; just because the year didn’t go exactly how you wanted it to, doesn’t mean that the rest of the year won’t be full of success and accomplishments.

The rest of 2017 can be full of great things.

Whether everything is going right or many obstacles seems to be getting in the way, let’s consistently and continuously work towards our goals. After all, that is one thing you can control in this world; even if other things aren’t going as planned, you can always work on yourself. You can always do that !

You can always work on you. You can always work on yourself even if there are hurricanes and tornadoes flying all around you.

Turn all the negative energies into fuel to work on yourself. Work on your goals. Stop letting what’s happening in life distract you. You can be mad, upset, certain things can be falling apart, but you can still work on you. Don’t let your goals fall to the wayside just because other things aren’t right.

Use negative energies as fuel for your goals.

— R. L. Heyen

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