Hello, I am R. L. Heyen

I am in the midst of writing my own fiction novel, a tale capturing a chase between a dangerously, intelligent killer and an ambitious, and equally smart detective. However, I wanted a forum where I could write my first love, poetry and short stories, and see how it resonates with others.

The piece is an ode to a couple I knew, that couldn’t quite get it together no matter how beautiful they could be with one another; never really giving into forgiveness and vulnerability where it needed to be given, and yet it was so hard for them to let go because the passion and connection between them ran deep.

Sometimes, you know, we meet those people that we have this intense connection with, sometimes I guess they are there to teach us a lesson, for one purpose, and maybe sometimes we get lucky, and the reason is simply just we are meant to be. It didn’t seem like that was in the cards for these two though, sadly, holding on to what one could possibly do to the other, instead of holding onto the greatness of each other.

When a poet and musician met

They were expressive and explosive

but stubborn and broken

The words and notes didn’t always seem to harmonize

both emitted their feelings

yet it all got tangled up along the way

as the writings on the wall made it oh-so-clear

…they were strumming to different beats

R.L. Heyen

Instagram: R.L. Heyen