In Honor of National Best Friends Day


Sometimes people use this word freely, others hold it close.


‘’Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.”
— Jean de La Fontaine


Friendship isn’t about spending every moment with each other, although of course we would love to spend more time with our friends.

This is especially true as you get older, you become busier, a career or goal may take up a lot of your time, you might have a family, and/or a spouse; things change and that’s okay, but what is important is that you keep your word, you maintain respect, you always have your friend’s back, if they call and need you, you show up, you don’t avoid them, and you make sure even with distance, even with time, they remain an important part of your life.

Friendship isn’t about who spends the most time with you, but who you can be totally yourself with, and when you do get to meet up, it’s like you never skipped a beat.

That’s true friendship. You never doubt it. Period.

— R. L. Heyen

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