When You Let Fear Drive You…
Jon Westenberg 🌈

I love this post thank you for sharing! I had a similar experience recently while on my honeymoon, I had surfed a few times before and never had any issues. But these waves were not what I was used to, one of them pulled me under and I somersaulted over and over until I finally shot back to the surface. I inhaled so much water, it was absolutely terrifying. I had NEVER once been afraid of the ocean until that happened. It’s crazy how fast it changed. And when you talk about checking your bank account over and over, I’ve been there before too, we all have. Fear is a “funny” thing…but I agree with using it to your advantage.

Definitely hope you’ll post about the surf experience soon!

I write quite a bit about fear on my blog www.thoughtsoutloud.me if you wanted to check it out. I’m going to be importing a bunch of my blogs to Medium to share :)