Everything We See is Precious

Today I spent some time talking with a blind person.

I have always been sensible towards impaired people, but today something clicked, because I happened to identify myself with him.

I had to stop and ponder, physically feeling what it means to live without sight.

Without the light of the Sun.

Without the bright red color of my daughter’s shirt.

Without the astonishment elicited by a rainbow in the sky.

I nearly panicked and thought life would be miserable.

But after some time I realized.

I realized that he was a happy person, probably more than I was.

And that he enjoyed life, definitely more than I did.

And then I realized. Again.

I realized that when he feels the Sun’s gentle warmth, he smiles back.

That when he hears children laugh, he listens to them.

That when the rain stops, he knows before we do.

And I realized how much in our lives we give for granted.

How much we don’t care.

How easy it is to “get used” to something.

And how much we should be grateful for all we have.

Every single day.

Every single minute.

Image credit: ANCS, originally published on Quora.

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