Who am I in 300 words or less…

I’m in a very privileged position in life, I belong to the 1% of the people of my country, Mexico, that have access to a high quality that’s a higher education. I firmly think that being before the rest of the 99% of my fellow countrymen comes with the responsibility of not forgetting them, and with the obligation of providing the means for them to be seen as well as heard. That’s why as a filmmaker my personal vision consist of exploring, mainly through film media, the human condition in a personal way through intimate storytelling.

During my life, I’ve always felt like an outsider partly because I’ve moved a lot. Nevertheless, that position has given me the opportunity to be more objective, and critical towards the community I inhabit at that moment. Also, I got a sense of what it means to be a migrant, and the prejudice connotations that come with the word; It almost seems ridiculous the semiotic impact that a word can have, and how it can be missed used by the media.

My loyalty goes to my homeland, which’s humanity; having said that, I do have to pick a community that I feel I can have a closer impact in it. Therefore, I’m currently intrigue by the migrant refugee crisis in Europe, especially in Salzbourg. I wonder how many Syrian migrants have made it here, and how are they being perceived by the local community of Salzbourg and media. As of now, Austria has become a pass-way for migrants to get into Germany. I think that there’s a need for deeper coverage of the situation regarding the media in this local community.