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From almost fired to promoted early

Use patience, process, and intention to create long-term leverage

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A step-by-step methodology to take control of your job search and uncover opportunities you’d otherwise miss

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There is a price to pay first

Adopt this systematic method to make progress every week towards your biggest, most important goals

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Plan like a CEO. Execute like a ninja.

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Debunking mainstream advice with a bit of common sense

Bonus lesson: sometimes it is ok to cut corners — Valencia, World Series 2002 — © Rafael Sarandeses

Professional Sports Can be Raw Teachers

1. “Winning” is Something You Can Learn

When you achieve your first pole position, or your first win, the behaviour that made that happen integrates in your identity. A winner is someone that wins. It becomes easier to replicate the result once the breakthrough happens.

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Curate These 7 Key Aspects And go From Zero to Hired

Options For The Professional Mid-Life Crisis

  • Are you a few years into your career and asking yourself where to go next?
  • Do you feel disengaged at work, with low energy and out of tune with the company’s management, mission or goals?
  • Is the thought of becoming an entrepreneur grabbing your attention lately?

Making Good Decisions is Easier if You Use a Good Decision-Making Mechanism

If you are deciding…

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