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Hi I am Rafat. A Product Designer with focus on business, Interaction, and research. I illustrate stories too -

It has been around 10 months for me publishing design stories trying to simplify the concepts of UX for both Arabic/English speakers who are transitioning to UX. The journey is rewarding and I am, along with the community, are having a lot of fun.

Putting the fun aside, we learned, I bet I learned more. And one of the questions I get the most is “What is the best tool to start in UX UI”?

I am not going to discuss the validty of UX/UI as a title here, but this is what I get.

In this article, I will…

Back in 2019, I started to mentor new joiners to start their career in UX Design, later, I decided to publish my own stories that help new joiners to understand the complex concepts I faced during my transition journey from Engineering to UX years ago.

I spent months trying to figure out the best way to do it, not realising that the solution was in front of my face the whole time! …

Rafat Alkhatib

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