There is a species of jellyfish which is biologically immortal. Like humans it’s multicellular and reproduces sexually. Which makes me wonder, is there any reason in principle that humans must die of old age? Aubrey de Grey believes it is possible to end human biological aging, and he’s dedicated his life to that quest.

To me a really interesting question is how much of our natural biological aging (and death) is due to our beliefs about how old we will be when we die, and how vibrant (or not) we will be as we get close to that age?

Biological aging is affected by healthcare & lifestyle choices

In my post COVID & Personal Sovereignty I described a collective sensemaking process taking place on my Facebook feed. It’s not going particularly well, as evidenced by an exasperated post from one of my friends:

Sigh… I’m not sure what to make of this discussion. It is certainly depressing. I’m assuming that all of you are smart and paying attention to what’s going on, but well, nearly everything I read here seems to suggest many (most) of you are ending up with the wrong conclusions. Before I go any farther, you ought to know I have a PhD, from [Ivy…

Last week I posted a few articles about COVID which caused some controversy on my Facebook feed. Some people appreciated and agreed with my conclusions and others disagreed and felt I was being irresponsible and misleading. I’m grateful for the long and sometimes heated discussion that took place, as it was amongst my friends and it was mostly civil and respectful.

I found these resources suggested by my friends most helpful in updating and refining my understanding of COVID:

Over a dozen years ago I started a blog called Emergent Fool which was born out of a desire to explore divergent ideas about the underlying nature of reality (what physicist David Bohm calls the implicate order).

It’s an experiment which presents me with a dilemma, because I want to write as freely and authentically as I can, and when I share divergent ideas publicly I have a tendency to choke: I get overly cautious and analytical (not wanting to say something untrue; I spend more time than I’d like “getting things perfect”, wording for a broad audience to be…

For context, I’ve spent roughly 100 hours over the last four months looking at statistics, scholarly articles, media and social media, and talking to friends who are scientists. I have a background in cognitive science. I have have not experienced symptoms nor have I been tested for COVID.

  • It is quite possible you will not have symptoms even if you were to become infected/test positive.
  • It is unlikely your kids will spread COVID asymptomatically.
  • As a 50 year old with no comorbidity factors, I will bet my bottom dollar you won’t die of COVID (see here as well)…
  • … and…

A worldwide reserve currency, backed by renewable energy, which in turn backs a universal basic income for all.


  • If all the sunlight energy striking the Earth’s surface in Texas alone could be converted to electricity, it would be up to 300 times the total power output of all the power plants in the world. [Source]
  • The world already produces enough food to feed 10 billion people per year, which is the projected population for the year 2050. [Source]

The EnergyCoin Concept

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies it is taken as a given that one day (perhaps soon) something like Bitcoin will take over from government-issued money as the world’s reserve currency. Even some on Wall Street are starting to…

Alpha (noun) — A measure of investment performance on a risk-adjusted basis

Aleph (noun) — a mathematical expression referring to the infinite

The standard model of wealth management is known as “asset allocation”. While it’s great to have a model and discipline when it comes to investing and managing one’s long-term finances, the asset allocation model ignores some fundamental realities which are hard to model.

By graduating from the asset allocation model to a dynamic process which honors these realities, I believe it is possible to increase one’s velocity of wealth, while hedging against the systemic and “black swan” risks…

I need to caveat what follows by saying I have many friends who are VCs and I hope nobody takes this personally. I am intentionally being provocative to make the points clear and to perhaps help anyone who is open to taking a hard look at their profession, to take that look.

I don’t believe any VCs that I personally know are intending to take advantage of their limited partners (LPs) or the founders they invest in. On the contrary, most VCs I know seem to be humble, hard working and genuinely care about founders and LPs alike, and they…

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