Abaporu — O Homem Que Come Gente

Tarsila do Amaral — Abaporu, 1928. Oil on Canvas

Today my agent called my attention to the recurring theme of cannibalism in my lyrics. Eating flesh.

I tried to explain to him how it was an inherent part of a relationship. Biting, masticating, ingesting. Eating another person and being eaten. Consuming, mixing the blood, picking at one another like animals and being sanctified by sentiment.

I then went on to explaining how it was part of the modern movement in Brazil, explored in the “Semana de Arte Moderna” of 1922, as the ingestion of other cultures to digest and regurgitate our own, authentic Brazilian art, unapologetic to the tradition of the old world and unafraid. I cited some examples in literature, showed him some paintings, explained a little more still and his final response was: “I just think eating people is your thing.”.

He may be right.

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