Enjoy The Best Dhow Cruise Dinner In Dubai

The article talks about how one can have a great time enjoying the best dhow cruise dinner in Dubai.

Dubai is one city whose waterways are always bustling with life. No, it’s not always cargo that makes waves on Dubai water. Take a look at the city waterways and you will find many luxury yachts and conventional dhows gleaming in the sun and shining in the moonlight. If the word ‘dhow’ sounds bit strange to you, then here’s the explanation.

Dhow is a kind of traditional sailing vessel which comes with single or more masts. Dhows, particularly seen in Dubai, come with lateen sails. While this vessel idea was initially conceptualized for trading and fishing purposes, with years the purpose has evolved. Now, beautifully decorated Dhows with travelers are seen sailing across Dubai’s coastline, almost throughout the day and till late night.

If you want to relish a slice of the emirate’s rich maritime heritage, then you should start the search for best dhow cruise dinner in Dubai. Don’t think that the dhow cruise is only about gorging on finger licking delicacies. Rather the cruise dinner is more about enjoying some sightseeing along with traditional Arabic entertainment and sprawling buffet. The big question, of course, is how to choose the most reliable and enjoyable dhow cruise? When you are searching for the best dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, it is assumed that you are looking for traditional vessels with ethnic touch and not those stunning yachts and modern boats lining the banks. While there are many dhow companies out there, vying for your dirhams, don’t fall for just anyone. You need to set up few criteria like what sort of comfort level you are looking for, do you have any menu preference, what is your budget, what is your group size, do you want pick-up and drop-off facility from your place and so on.

If you search online with the keyword best dhow cruise dinner in Dubai, you will come across a wide range of options. There are some which offer one hour sightseeing followed by two hours dhow cruise which finally ends with a romantic moonlight cruise for couples. There are some dinner cruises where you can enjoy a tanoura show, followed by a magic show and sometimes a fighting show too. Guests can have henna tattoo as a souvenir of the experience. You can opt for buffet dinner along with live singer performance on board, plus pick-up and drop-off service.

While some dhow cruises cater to private parties only, there are many which are open to all which means you can reserve seats even if your group comprises just 2 to 3 members. The second option is surely more economical, though you might have to compromise on the privacy front. With an online search, you can explore and compare all sorts of cruise options as per your convenience and budget. So, it’s time to look for the best dhow cruise dinner in Dubai to make your trip a memorable one with your loved ones.

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