Vacation Ideas for Sleeping Under the Stars

Vacations should be about doing something different from your typical routine and going on an adventure where memories are made and new experiences are tried. This can happen when you try out the various opportunities in Dubai from the desert to the water.

The terrain and backdrop of Dubai is unique from many other cities where it offers a chance to get away and experience something different than what you would get at home. Dinner cruises and upscale yacht excursions are made alive with a traditional dhow or sleek boat becoming the ideal solution for special events such as birthdays and anniversaries. However, when you want a night under the stars with just you and your loved one, then it is time to head for the desert and take advantage of the fun and excitement offered in the sand surrounded by nothing but the sky and the stars.

An overnight desert safari is just the event to get you up and out of your normal routine with everything taking place outdoors, authentic food and exciting activities to make the heart race. The true heart of Dubai’s culture can be found in this environment with a hearkening back to the olden days of traveling Bedouins and luxurious camps where dancing and campfires were the primary entertainment.

Online travel vendors offer overnight desert safari deals that you can take advantage of and enjoy an 18-hour excursion from the city to the desert and back again the next day with plenty to keep you busy in between. Included on this trip is the chance to ride camels, race in a dune buggy, experience traditional belly dancing and Henna tattoos and then partake of food that is native to the land. Guests sleep in comfortable tent dwellings until they are ready to get up the next morning and enjoy breakfast in the sand before heading back to the city for another day of sightseeing.

If you are a Dubai native, then this is an ideal event to schedule for time alone with the family and take advantage of experiencing the same events your ancestors went through. As an out-of-town guest, this becomes the opportunity of a lifetime to see a different part of Dubai outside the city and hustling buildings, even if you are only there for a few days. This is perfect for team-building trips or just to get away for the weekend when you are tired of doing nothing as it takes place all-yearlong except for in bad weather. Check out other packages and overnight desert safari deals that can be combined with this event to make it into a multi-day vacation and get friends and family involved for a group discount or private party.

Whether you enjoy spending time on the water being pampered or want to ‘rough’ it in the desert overnight with others, there is something for everyone in the emirate of Dubai. Online travel agencies have access to all the best deals and information so that you can plan your trip well in advance and simply follow the itinerary once you arrive. Details and cost are finalized with the vendor so that you have everything you need before setting out, including attire information, weather update and culture tips for newcomers.

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