What’s in the Box?
Peter Muller

Err, wasn’t the prop supposed to be a five blade one?

Also, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to put the RPM control at the lever. usually it’s only needed twice durign a whole flight, also, at the side of the lever pointing toward the pilot (and more so the front passenger) it’s rather prone to unintetional activation. I do not like to have performance critical controls out in the open. If mounted flat in the console it’s way less likely to be pshed by the passenger turning bag to like grab a camera or whatsoever.

This is a real plane, not the cosy seperated environment of a flight simulator at home where noone comes near. Also complex stick operations are maybe great for air force pilotes with daily training for each function. For more casual users, clear visible and labled controlls are a better idea.

If you want to have some button there, an _additional_ push to talk could come handy during take off.

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