Arduino/Genuino we need you in LatinAmerica
Tomas de Camino Beck

I’m somewhat puzzled. Is this about making, or fanboying for the latest glamour? After all, the 101 is barely anounced and even in Europe only available in small numbers - in fact, I couldn’t get one from the Arduino booth at Make Munich last week - not to mention 10 or 20.

Sure, I can feel the urge to have the latest toys. It’s in our genes :)) Lets be serious, the 101 is a brand new anouncement - and right now, not a comodity like the Uno, but a brand product from a single manufacturer. Give it half a year, and 101 compatible boards will show up all arround the world. In fact, right now is the only phase in the lifecycle of a new open source product, where the development investment can be regained. As soon as the copying starts, prices will drop to a bare minimum.

Heck, why don’t you download the schematics, get Eagle, draw a board, order some Curie from Intel and do your own set of 20+ boards? Thats not only the spirit of open hardware, but adds even more insight - not to mention supporting the capability of hardware creation in your country. Sounds like a great goal, doesn’t it?

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