Life after retirement.

Twilight Time.

Hmm, this is not as easy as I expected but here goes.

Today I am reaching for the brandy… just a small one you know! Some days I get that feeling of quiet desperation, knowing that today will bring nothing new, feeling somewhat trapped and unable to do anything to add interest to life here on my quiet planet.

Every day I thank God for my pets who add colour and warmth to my life. Without them I would probably not be here at all.

I am not depressed but I am empty. Over the last 10 years my life has diminished hugely from being outgoing and active to being diminished and invisible. I search for answers but so far nothing.

Today the sun shines so, hopefully, I will get out into the garden… with a bit of a struggle, hoping to feed the fish and the birds and feel the sun on my skin. So here we are, day one with a splash of Brandy to ease the edge of my unwanted feeling.

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