Dear Me

Photo By: Abran Fuego

Dear me, 
 Years ago you were just in middle school saying 
 “I need to have everything figured out by twenty or even –God Forbids- twenty five” 
 Well as sorry as this may sound like but yes here I am 10 years later, 22 years old laughing at such a thought, I hate to break it to you dear but you were doing it wrong. 
 Life is not always about achieving everything, It is good to have a dream to look up to, it is good to work as hard as you can to achieve something big, yet there will come sometimes when you will be on the verge of a mental breakdown, days that you will scream in pain and throb in silence, and you know what “It is totally OKAY” yes it is, life is not always a blooming bright lily sometimes it will take a while to grow up again, and at this very moment you should take it easy on yourself, nobody is perfect , we are humans it is in our job description to make mistakes but we must not let that defeat us. 
 Yes life is about learning from your mistakes, take risks, defend your fear and go for every single opportunity that may knock your door. Just then as you go through your life; you will start figuring out what you want and need to do, you may change a major decision that was once all what you were hoping for, you may lose a friend whom you once thought was you ultimate BFF, you may not always get what you need, but again that it is how life makes us.

Life has its ups and downs, try to overcome the downs to push yourself for the ups, surround yourself with motivational inspiring people, read books, meet new people, go have friends with nature and enjoy the breeze as it hit your cheeks, treat yourself with your favorite dessert, have some time alone to track your progress, work on improving yourself, help others and make them happy, smile at strangers, empty any negative thoughts every now and then, go run like a cheetah at 6 am in the morning, do crazy thing with friends enjoy your life when there is nothing to worry about.

“But how I can possibly not worry with all these burdens and duties to do?” 
 Just have faith in God and put in mind that everything goes on, then you will feel what it is really like to “not worry”
 Your Grownup self.