Messed Up

I don’t know what is happening to me. Sometimes I feel so energetic with positive vibes. Sometimes I feel drowning with pessimism.

I easily fall. Slowly rise. Imbalance. Imperfection. Lot of regrets. Lot of Dreams.

Same daily job. Same hopes. Same disappointment.

Hope is dangerous and fueling my fire violently.

Death is inevitable. Dreams becoming unachievable.

Hope, please don’t let me die without making my dreams real.

Unintelligent and uncharismatic I am.

Unable to make things right. Unable to know what is wrong.

Dear Hope, please fill me with faith and love. Erase my disgust and despair.

I’m the messed up moron. Truth speaking stupid. Love seeking animal.

Pathetic life. Punctured past. Relentless plans to patch the future.

Don’t have enough money. No savings. No better income.

Traumatic tension. Terrible failures. And lures all around.

Dear Hope, you’re the only one I can count on.

Don’t let me mess up again.

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