What is the best thing happened in your life?

A successful love affair, a great job, a successful career. Whatever it is. It will give you great troubles before success, before you reach the pinnacle point.

Sometimes you may cry hard, shout out loud, cripple yourself in the great voyage, ditched by people around you, shackled by the things you have never seen.

Adam’s journey filled with a rumbling savage deep inside of his heart. He was unprepared to welcome the ruthlessness of the world. He was having crush on a girl which was turned into great love. Still, the love is single sided after four years.

He never knew how the girl pictured him. One thing was sure, the girl knew something about Adam the very next year he started loving. She kept an eye on him. Adam was unsure of this.

He was unable to make a proper proposal. Never greeted her warmly. Every single time he prepared to make some impact, he failed miserably.

The problem is the persistent feeling of tension. Whenever he pulled and pushed himself hard to make it to her, he tensed enormously. Blown up, burst out.

Unfortunately, he could not overcome the hurdles. He was raged inside. He was contemplating suicide.

But, Adam was lucky to have three friends around him. For him, Robert is a great philosopher, Albert was a warm friend, Miller is a marvelous man of good attitude.

Three friends pulled him back to reality. Showed him the falsehood that failure brings. Failure was devastating for Adam, he got pulled back. Thanks to the three friends he met.

This is the best thing happened to Adam. Pulling back from devastating failure made him stronger and better.

I hope the inspiration of Adam’s journey will make you stronger and stronger and stronger…

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