The real story of a dreaming behemoth.

There used to be a boy who has nothing more than a dream to achieve, a goal to kick start, an inspiration to move on. But, crippled by the love failure which had not even crossed the first page. Life became an ugly affair. Job hunt became a despair.

Always wanted to try something new. Never knew how to mold the future. Stepping into a world of uncertainty. Facts unknown and future became unpredictable.

All he could do is remembering the girl he desperately loved, dishonestly failed. Never mattered anything​, never settled for anything.

Desperate, despair, greedy, grumpy, gracious, unfortunate, fumbled, disrespected and deceived.

Finally, got a job. Thrilled and enthralled only to get obstinate and overwhelmed. Never knew the problem nor a Prodigy. Culminated and captured in the hole of stupidity.

But, never settled, never stopped dreaming, never lost hope, never stopped trying, never let the failure become an enemy. Always moved on. Courage and enthusiasm are never exhausted. Fired and fueled by hope...