QR Code Investigation

I am currently in the process of organising an investigation into the susceptibility of laypeople to scan unlabelled/random QR codes on the street. I want to conduct this investigation because of the possibility of malware being loaded into a site that a user is linked to when scanning a QR code. I plan on conducting this investigation by setting up different QR codes across my local city centre at different locations. For example: bus stops and public social areas. I hope to be releasing information on how the investigation will be conducted once I have everything set up and fully functioning. If anyone has any questions regarding my investigation please feel free to contact me by email or twitter.

Note. I will not be releasing any personal infomation about those who participate. However I will be releasing the numbers of those who do with where they are most likely to scan the code and at what time. Within accordance of the Data Protection Act.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/FlightDecUK

Email: DecsTakeOnInfoSec@gmail.com