Introducing Version 2.0 of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association

Founded four and a half years ago, the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA) has twice been nominated for the most innovative industry association, while pioneering the use of blockchain for the property industry. But we’re not resting, we’re upgrading to version 2.0, Our goal is to function less like a traditional industry association and more like a blockchain network: Decentralized, open participation, and merit — based. We’re still a human network and not a computer network, so we’re still stuck with some hierarchy and control, but our network members will benefit nonetheless.

The biggest change we’re making is to no longer have city Chapter Chairs. They’ve done an incredible job organizing meetups, providing knowledge, and bringing blockchain to nearly 40 locations around the world. I thank them for their service. All of our meetups will migrate to this IBREA Meetup page and will also be listed on the IBREA website Events page.


We will now allow any individual or organization, anywhere in the world, to propose a blockchain real estate event by partnering with IBREA. (We will share the revenue with the organizers). Some examples include:

  • An informal meetup of 10 people socializing at a bar
  • A three hour gathering of 200 people with speakers
  • A hackathon
  • A single or multi day summit or conference of 1,000 people
  • A webinar

Going forward, we will recognize everyone who contributes their time or effort to IBREA with our Blockchain Real Estate All Star Wall.

Webinars and Education

We will now allow any individual or organization to propose a blockchain real estate related webinar. We already have three webinars scheduled:

Memberships and Sponsorships

We previously only offered a free basic membership for individuals and a limited membership for organizations. We now offer more membership types for both. Whether an individual or organization, we have a membership that will match your budget and collection of benefits. For example, some benefits include discounts for IBREA events and webinars, being listed on our directory, and authoring articles.

Working Groups

One of the benefits of an industry membership is joining our newly created Working Groups:

  • Tokenization of Assets
  • Universal Property Identifier
  • Accepting Cryptocurrencies for Payments
  • Blockchain for Title and Conveyance
  • Blockchain and Property Data

Industry members have the opportunity to set the goals, agenda, and events for these topics and in the process, set themselves apart as innovators and leaders in blockchain real estate.


By adopting the network model, IBREA will be more decentralized, merit — based, and open. This will empower the IBREA network members to increase adoption of blockchain in the real estate industry. Join us!