Why Sage Human Capital stands out in talent consulting

Paul Grewal and his team have one vision and one vision only; to take the recruitment industry by storm. In the future, they want their company to grow, get more clients and have stream-lined optimized processes. Paul wants his team to become indispensable to its customers with its transparent, data-driven recruiting techniques. In an interview, Paul talked about his data-driven recruiting process and what makes it stand out. So why is Sage Human Capital different?


Paul coded a wonderfully transparent dashboard (I know, refreshing, right?) for his clients to stay on top of the process. Sage Human Capital’s dashboard provides real-time accurate updates, where the client knows what is happening. On this dashboard, a client can access candidate names, résumés and qualifications. They know how many candidates the recruiters have reached out to, how many responded and how many were interested. Giving the client this information helps keep them in the loop and gives them a say in the process. If there are candidates they like or dislike, they can get in touch with the recruiters about it. This level of transparency is unheard of in this day and age. The team delivers an absolutely transparent system where neither the employer nor the employee are being drained out of money they don’t need to be drained out of.

This what Sage Human Capital’s dashboard looks like, giving the client a full picture of the candidate search

Speed and cost-effectiveness

Paul has been on both sides of the fence. He has managed Robert Half, one of the biggest staffing and consulting agencies in the USA and has also dealt with Robert Half and other consultants as a customer. With Sage Human Capital, both cost and speed are reduced by at least 65%. The team revolutionizes the recruitment workflow by having three teams work in parallel; basically, the work that would take one recruiter several days or weeks, Sage Human Capital can get done in just a few hours. There is a team to source, a team to calibrate with the customers and a team to pre-interview and prep for interviews. They also charge an hourly rate, which doesn’t take a chunk off of the employee’s salary, a practice other consulting agencies are notoriously known for. Having been on both sides of the fence, Paul articulated that he “refuses to accept there being a necessary evil in the industry” and founded Sage Human Capital with the sole purpose of helping people. While talking to Paul, I can’t help but notice a passionate spark in his eyes, when he talks about exceeding expectations and delivering more value. “We adopt a healthy culture and we strive for a healthy, happy client,” he added. “I know it’s a bold statement, but we want to deliver more value than anyone. I know it’s doable.” Paul’s vision is to eliminate competition by becoming indispensable to his clients, maturing data-driven recruitment and optimizing the process to deliver bigger and better value.

This is another privilege the dashboard offers, keeping clients on top of the process from start to finish

Goals and achievements

During the interview, I asked Paul what his goals were. He mentioned his four-year-old son, Nash, who is very intelligent. He expressed pride regarding Nash’s emotional intelligence and having met Nash, I have to agree with him. A very positively nurtured boy, he’s the kind of child you watch and know is going to go very far in life. Distracting him from Nash and bringing him back to Sage Human Capital, he shared his goals of being an agent of change in the recruiting world. He wants to become the biggest value provider, build a reliable technology that’s efficient, build healthy relationships and innovate the process to improve the recruitment service like no one ever has. One could easily tell Paul is the kind of man who turns dreams into goals and pursues them. He has a proven track record of exceeding goals and with Sage Human Capital, it’s no different. He wants to change the recruiting process using streamlined workflows and advanced technology to make it a much faster, smoother, more efficient and less expensive experience. While his system works more than well, Paul is aware of the ever-changing world of technology and seems to have no other goal but to keep learning, improving and tweaking his process.

Paul and his team are very focused on their purpose, which is to build a smooth, steam-lined process that helps people

Risks taken and challenges crushed

Paul left Robert Half to go internal with one of their clients and learn more. He was running the largest staffing firm in the San Francisco Bay Area and decided to leave with the sole purpose of learning the client’s side. Having done that, him and his team were inspired to be change they want to see in the recruitment world and start their own business. The biggest challenges were the risks taken for money and that they took these decisions at the bottom of the biggest recession of our time. When the team started Sage Human Capital, nobody was hiring but Sage Human Capital drove value and focused on delivering value to clients, being efficient and saving their clients’ time and money.

Take a deep breath, there is a talent consulting company you can trust.

How does Sage Human Capital stand out?

If I were to describe the first thing I felt at Sage Human Capital, it would definitely be the energy. It’s not a challenge to recognize that everyone’s goal is to help people. The team is positive, engaged, definitely not overworked and they’re all there to build careers, foster relationships and help businesses grow. There’s a company culture behind everyone’s positivity and engagement and these are the core values: CIRCLE- Communication, Innovation, Respect, Collaboration, Learning and Excelling. At a quick glance, Sage Human Capital doesn’t look like your average workspace. You can tell there’s an unrivaled sense of team spirit, mindfulness and satisfaction. The team focuses on building strong relationships and the transparency they’ve provided all parties gives access to every detail and every response in real-time. To drive strategy, you need data and with data, it’s easier to determine which practices are more effective than others. Sage Human Capital delivers better results, out-performs its competitors and drives the most effective recruitment strategy. “The recruiting world is filled with opinions and our world is just filled with data,” Paul elaborated, “we use some really advanced business intel technology to provide data that makes sense.”

Sage Human Capital provides its employees a very healthy company culture.

All in all, what I enjoyed the most during the interview, was asking what I thought was my ambush question, “tell me about when you failed.” Paul’s answer wasn’t an “I-statement” but rather a “we-statement”. He said they fail all the time. They fail when they don’t adhere to their culture, analyze their data and don’t deliver enough value to their customers. “We fail when we start working instead of living,” he said, “we fail when we’re not tuned in, when we don’t wake up early, but we learn a lesson and improve with every mistake we make, we see new ways to evolve and work on self-improvement or new strategies for the company.”