Menchies Coupons 2014

If you live in the US chances are you have come across a Menchie’s franchise somewhere in your community. And that’s great for you because it means you get to enjoy the FroYo goodness of a Menchie’s product without having to drive very far. But you know what else is good about Menchie’s frozen yogurt? That’s right, it’s the coupons. With a Menchie’s coupon you get to enjoy the same FroYo you have grown to love at a lower price. Now that’s good for business and good for your wallet at the same time.

What is it about Menchie’s that people love? At its simplest, Menchie’s is a fun way to enjoy frozen yogurt. You get to pick the flavors as well as the toppings and the staff will simply mix it up for you. It’s that simple which makes it that great. No need to get a headache wondering what flavors to get either — you can always ask the staff for suggestions if this is your first time to visit a Menchie’s.

Another reason to visit a Menchie’s store is that this is about frozen yogurt meaning it tastes almost exactly like ice cream but without the unnecessary calories. This is good news for those of us who are a tad on the heavy side but would like to keep enjoying our desserts. Some nonfat ingredients you can sample are fresh shredded coconut, crisp irish mint, the cookie dough monster, and harvest pumpkin. Others may take a shine to pure chocolate (now who wouldn’t?), peachy keen, pineapple cake, going bananas, premier pistachio, rockin’ salted caramel, and the berry bunch.

There are different ingredient categories to sample aside from nonfat such as lowfat, tart, sorbet, no sugar added, low carb, and the low carb/no sugar added categories. This means you get tons of flavor in every FroYo bite without the surplus calories. Yummy! (And good for you at the same time…)

So what are you waiting for? Go online to look for the right Menchie’s locations to visit now and see what everyone has been enjoying and that you’ve been missing out on. Bring friends and family along to make your visit that much more enjoyable. Oh and you may want to take home some Menchie’s frozen yogurt as well to stash in your freezer — because you never know when your sweet tooth will start clamoring for more Menchie’s.

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