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So such a grievance example of capitalism and an unjust distribution of wealth could justify the claim that capitalism — and particularly American capitalism — plays a significant role in the oppression of the lower middle and working classes and as a result give rise to acts of terror.

This is false, in capitalistic systems the poor and middle class are much better off, so much so that the only debate is too what extent should wealth be redistributed. Even in America our bottom 10% ( the poorest among us) live a quality of life higher than 80% of the earths population. When you keep things relative to quality of life nothing has improved the lot of the masses as well as capitalism. Look at China pre and post capitalism , from Millions starving to billions feasting. Socialism is inherently oppressive as it allows for the state to exploit labor from workers arbitrarily for the advancement of the political class , which is why Hugo Chavez’s daughter is a mulit-billionaire as her country starves. the argument that capitalism is bad for workers is laughable, mind you nordic socialism , is capitalism with high taxes bank rolled by oil dollars that can’t possibly last forever. Don’t forget about Dilma and how the Marxist economist (oxymoron) ran the Brazilian economy right into a ground. Look at what happened when Zimbabwe socialized its agricultural industry…go see how well that worked…they kicked out the white colonial farmers and gave the land to native blacks…now they are on famine alert and will have to beg the post colonial white dominate western states for food. I know Sanders sold you some pretty words but don’t drink the Kool-aid.

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