An Unfulfilled Dream

Six years have passed since the beginning of the popular political movement in Yemen in 2011, followed by numerous developments which resulted into a war that broke out in 2015.

For the first time I will publish these images of those individuals who actively took part in the “Change Square” in Yemen 2011.

I will never forget the terrible insights I had witnessed of the peaceful and the unarmed protestors who had gone bare chests only to be faced with violence and gunfire of the Security Forces. I still remember the early days of the movement and my visits to the “Change Square”. I remember being surprised and stricken by the diversity and number of people who shared nothing in common one unified dream for a a better future

These images are of people whom personally I don’t know, and I don’t assume them to be public figures. These are the faces that were present in the land and though they were captured by cameras, yet absent in the memory of events.

I capture myself pondering ,going over their images again after six years, what has become of them? Are they still alive? How has these cruel years of war carved their features? How have their lives changed? Are there any endings to their stories?

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