So Unempowering!

‘Empower’ was my hot word till I read ‘Beti Bachao, Medal Pao, #Empowerwomen’. Had never thought the word ‘empower’ could also denote — I have the power and you do not. Therefore, let me give you the power.

Beti Bachao, Medal Pao seems to me more detrimental than helpful, more belittling than uplifting. Aren’t we promoting a right to life with something in return? Do girls need to be potential Olympic champion to deserve to live? Does this mean their value suffers a dip, the year Indian women come up empty at the Olympics?

This may sound cynical but this just shows how far we still are, from valuing women simply as human beings born free and equal. The painful thing is that we have not moved an inch in our understanding of equality.

I believe we should stop empowering and start inspiring.

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