Leaking Nintendo Switch Specs was a Bad Move
Ty Muddle

Are you serious? This is the worst article I’ve ever seen. Of course it’s a good thing that specs leaked. Their the single most important thing for a game system.

First, customers who buy things without knowing the ins and outs of how they work are morons. Why in the hell would you EVER go to a computer store and try to buy a PC if you didn’t know what you needed? And furthermore, I’ve dealt with people like you before. Whenever I go to the store to buy a new TV for example, I get employees coming up to me trying to get me to buy a overpriced PoS or bug me repeatedly, asking if I need help. And when I explain that I probably know more about X product than they do, and that their help isn’t wanted or needed, THEY KEEP DOING IT.

Being told that you don’t know what you need spec-wise is the most annoying thing in the entire world. Especially when specifications are the entire point of a console or gaming PC.

Specs determine not just graphics, but if a game can run at all on a console. If the switch (or anything else for that matter) is simply too weak to cut it, it won’t get third party support, if for no other than supporting it with games isn’t possible because the hardware is too weak to work properly and simply reskinning games and removing effects won’t cut it.

For a frame of reference, the Scorpio is supposed to have over 6 Teraflops of performance, and the PS4 Pro over 4 teraflops of performance. My PC’s GPU’s (Dual Titan XP’s) are capable of 12 teraflops per GPU. And the switch if the leaks are true is only capable of an absolutely pathetic 1 teraflop of performance.

No game developer current developing games for the PS4/Pro and Scorpio or PC is going to be able to even get their games to work on the Switch to begin with!

And that’s something consumers absolutely must know. Specs and performance are absolutely everything. If those specs prove (like the leaked Switch specs) that the Switch won’t have any or very little third party support, then customers absolutely must know to make an informed decision on whether its worth their money or not. Period. There is no opinion here.

Give me the exact technical specifications or I won’t buy it. That simple.

And just an FYI : As someone who spends 8–16 hours a day depending on if I work that day or not in front of his Desktop, if I heard someone tell me I just need something to check Facebook twice a day, I’d be furious, and neglect to give them any form of business. Not everyone is a casual user, and assuming someone is is ridiculous.