3 Steps On How Not To Do Marketing Online — A True Selfie

A woman was fired from her job recently for the racist comments that she posted on her Facebook page. The worst part of it all was that she was a teacher. This is a nightmare, and it is saddening, because knowing that her mentality is the way it is, how much children did she instill this same thinking into over the years? I’m not here to condemn her for her actions, but the point I’m trying to make is that how will this affect her when she is applying for another job?

I believe that hiring managers, and the like, are using Google as part of their hiring process. This is a gimme now a days. As true as two and two equals four. Knowing that this is a major tool within their tool bag, one needs to make sure that they monitor what they are posting online. Knowing that digital marketing is so important, it doesn’t matter whether you have a business or not. You are a business, no matter what anyone tells you.

Step 1 Being an Idiot

Make sure that you are not posting pictures of you being wasted on social media or its other variants. Social media marketing, if done right, can spread like wild fire especially if it is something bad. Take for example the woman that got in a fight in a local Walmart. Her son, who was very young, joined in on the fight and it spread throughout the internet like a wildfire. Not a good way to represent oneself. Marketing yourself online must be done professionally.

Step 2 A Bad Reputation

When I used to tell this to my friends, most people would look at me like I’m stupid. What most people don’t consider is that it is something that’s very real indeed. As stated above, the pictures that you post, or the ones that you sent to someone that if your mother saw it she would be ashamed, can be dug up with enough effort. These pictures paint a portrait about you that can damage you in the long run.

If you were a bully in school, and you trolled the forums and halls cussing up a storm, then you can rest assure that it is somewhere online. It can be found.

The sad reality is that social media is a part of an ever changing world and we need to keep up with the changes that is going on. It’s even more embarrassing that if they do enough digging, they can pull up your health records. This is scary.

Step 3 Talking in Slang

If any of your profiles are laced with slang and numerous spelling mistakes, how do you expect for anyone to take you seriously? Although education is not really required to become something in life, if you convey through your profiles that you lack it, then this too will spread like a viral sensation. This is not the kind of publicity that you want. Especially if it’s negative.

Step 4 A Useless Information Curator

If you continue to post junk on your social media profiles, then this will reflect badly on you in the long run. Most people are annoyed by the folks that post about their cat or what they are doing, or the ones that re-post other peoples junk. Ten years ago this was highly acceptable, but now people want informative information that helps them improve something. If you are posting nine million selfies, or an update about you working out in the gym; this is lame.

I wrote this because I want to make sure that people are understanding that this is a serious matter. If you have children, make sure that you are informing them about their online reputation. Warn them about the dangers about the online world. Keep them in the know, so that you know. You want to give them, and yourself, a fighting chance. Do not chop your career off at the knees.

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