Is Tamil Nadu the next Somalia?

Gone are those days of green valley and rich agriculture, the leftover is only pesticides and politicians. I do not crib about the “Functioning” of various governments be it state or central but i feel sorry for our current milieu .

We keep digging mines, sell all the minerals, provide all the river water to aerated manufacturers, kill animals, destroy the forests and now we want to extract methane from our soil .

The times will come where we are going to import rice, cereals and seeds from the corporate mafia at an exaggerated price. The Politicians in India need to revisit the history of Somalia and the sufferings that people are going through even now.

When more than five lac people oppose the hydrocarbon project in the state against the government , our judiciary system opts to go to slumber land (Probably watching LA LA Land from the Mars). I have to appreciate the strong defense of our government in all these social environmental massacres. They continue to support their real “masses or mafias” and release press claims meticulously saying sacrifices are ought to be made for the development of a country.

How shameful and coldblooded that reply was? … Probably even Jon snow in Game of thrones had a better betrayal.

We are killing our cows to corroborate the western diary industry, we are killing our farmers for the sake of corporate mafia, we are even ready to kill , vandalize and uproot any good soul for vitamin-M(Money).

If the Project Hydrocarbon goes on the floor successfully, then Tamil Nadu will soon be an another Somalia.

Save Agriculture. No to Hydrocarbon project.