OH GOD THIS SHOULD BE THE END!!:A Tree’s plea to god

I have lived along the races,
some have vanished some unworthy to live.
those vanished were the best,
worst are here still alive;

I clear their breath they pollute mine,
i bring them arms they cut mine,
cruel are men ,cruel is THE ALMIGHTY
for I can’t talk ,fight back either;

I am the shade on his road with no single weed..
I cant get away,for the ground beneath, hugs me tightly
WE have been together, since the races have passed,
WE can’t be separated, my roots deep in his memory;

I wonder after all what have I done to them
for they exploit me, from earning to burning
I fear this could be the end of my life
ahh!!! I plead this should be the end of my life!!!