“When I was asked by editors who I’d worked for, I lied. I listed a handful of magazines that sounded likely, and I sounded confident, and I got jobs. I then made it a point of honour to have written something for each of the magazines I’d listed to get that first job, so that I hadn’t actually lied, I’d just been chronologically challenged… You get work however you get work.”
Neil Gaiman: How to Make Success Happen
Charles Chu

right . . . lie and manipulate others in order to meet your own goals and desires! This is the America we live in; the America of Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Neil’s writing but this approach is awful and amoral. It also doesn’t work necessarily.

One of the things successful people oft overlook, is that they were extremely lucky. It helps them maintain their over inflated egos, which is what drives much or sometimes all of their ambitions and achievements.

We need to become a society of worth. Where we recognize the inherent worth of every single human being and recognize the worthy accomplishments that flow inevitably from this attitude.

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