How To Handle Negativity:

Lack of confidence, losing someone or something, sickness, stress, financial instability, relationship drama, lies, manipulation…

We’ve all experienced tough times in our lives. I’m sure we can say that we also struggle with balancing our needs and desires while also hoping to maintain a 'positive' state of mind. Yes, positivity is lovely and productive and pretty much the answer to all our troubles. But HOW does someone stay positive when their car just flipped over and their leg is broken and they need to make sure their baby in the backseat is okay?

A little extreme, but bad stuff happens. Its okay. People get mad/sad/indifferent. Its OKAY to experience a different emotion other than happy. And it’s important to teach yourself how to recover from those shitty events so that they don’t nest in your memories and make evil little babies.

Negativity thrives where ignorance lies.


When something not-so-good happens, our first instinct may be to try to forget it. We might also go hang out with friends to distract ourselves. We might even take extreme measures like abusing substances or binge drinking for a variety of reasons. These methods could either work or make things worse. Everyone is different, and choosing the 'right' thing to do can be pretty hard.

I truly believe, based on my own experiences and those I’ve witnessed, that progression is so much more important than staying positive.

Progress doesnt happen until youve learned from your mistakes. KARMA will keep fucking you until you make the necessary changes in your life. Change is 👍👍

Change isn’t dressing differently or getting new friends. Change or improvement is when you admit, accept, and move forward.

Repitition will cause confusion. Loneliness and depression will follow.

Just say sorry!! Say it and mean it. Say it to yourself even. Take that first step. Apologize to yourself for all the times you ignored intuition.

It is NEVERRRRR too late.

Next time one of your friends or fam is down, let them vent to you. Sometimes all it takes to release that pressure is an ear or a shoulder to cry on. Don’t cut someone out of your life just because they can’t seem to get out of a rut. Their problems only become yours if you let that happen. When a friend tells you about a bad day at work, that’s knowledge! They are coming to you for a reason. Maybe they are warning you about something that may be headed your way.

Do you believe in premonitions???

666 is just a sign. Some believe that it warns us of destruction.


Dont shoot the messenger y’all. !*

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