A Virtual Tour to Understand Your Ticket Elements

Apr 23, 2019 · 4 min read

A railway ticket has a plethora of information on a piece of Paper. We might have come across many passengers who are seen roaming around the PRS counters with their ticket in a state of bewilderment, as they don’t understand some of the intrigue elements of their ticket. Many information seems confusing. It may due to the technical misprint by the printer but there are cases when some of the passengers are not aware of their ticket information and has to struggle before boarding their train.

At RailRestro, we will provide you a comprehensive detail on some of the elements which every passenger must know before buying tickets at PRS counter or via advanced next-generation IRCTC ticketing web portal. The below imagery is a PRS counter generated railway ticket which has following information segregated in the different colored boxes.

Box 1: PNR Number: Whenever a passenger reserves a ticket in any train, either in sleeper or in AC class, a PNR number is automatically generated by the software which is of 10 digits. This is a unique number as passengers are identified with their PNR and name on the chart during traveling. Each PNR number has a status which shows whether the ticket is either confirmed/Waitlist/RAC. Through this distinct number you can also order food online in train of your choice during your journey or in advance.

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BOX 2:Details of Journey: The box number 2 represents the Train number, Date of Journey (DOJ), Total Traveling distance (in kilometers), and passenger’s specification. The train number will be of that train in which the reservation is made and the total numbers of passengers who will travel like Adults and Child. In this sample ticket there are two adults to travel in the train number 12926.

BOX 3:Ticket Number: The ticket number is not that mandatory as compared to the PNR number. Do not confuse between the two. Just make sure the ticket number printed on your ticket is identical to the number stenciled on it.

Box 4:Train Details: This box displays the class of travel, name of the train origin station and destination station. The code in the above ticket shows 2A which means Second AC compartment.There are many codes listed below which will give you an idea of class of travel.

  • 1A: First AC Sleeper (Executive Class if the train is a Shatabdi)
  • 2A: Second AC Sleeper
  • FC: First Class Non-AC
  • 3A: Three-tier AC Sleeper
  • 3E: AC Sleeper Economy
  • SL: Sleeper Class Non-AC
  • CC: AC Chair Car
  • 2S: Second Class Sitting

BOX 5:Coach Details: This section displays the coach numbers, berth numbers and reserved berth type. There are six types of berth preference a traveler can choose which is listed below.

  • LB: Lower Berth
  • MB: Middle Berth
  • UB: Upper Berth
  • SL: Side Lower Berth
  • SU: Side Upper Berth
  • WS: Window Seat

BOX 6: Sex and Age: This box describes your sex and age which was mentioned in the requisition slip presented at the time of reservation.

BOX 7:Ticket Fare: The total fare of the ticket in figures and words, including reservation fees, superfast surcharges, catering charges (Rajdhani and Shatabdi only). It is the clubbed amount printed with a disclaimer that the ticket is considered as a valid railway ticket only with a valid ID proof.

BOX 8: Name of the Train It is conspicuously mentioned in the lower left corner of the ticket and beneath the ticket number. It is an important element because this is the train in which your tickets are reserved for traveling purpose.

BOX 9: Train Timings: This section mentions the date of journey, scheduled departure and arrival timings of the train.

Tour to the Elements of an E-ticket:
If you have generated an E-ticket via IRCTC portal, then these elements are must to understand. The below image is a sample e-ticket for reference colored and numbered for a better understanding.

  • Box 1: PNR number
  • Box 2: Train name and Number
  • Box 3: Quota and Class of journey
  • Box 4: Boarding station, date of journey and Destination Station
  • Box 5: Scheduled Arrival and departure
  • Box 6: A detail of the ticket fare
  • Box 7: Passenger details (Name, Age, Sex, concession code if any)
  • Box 8: Ticket status: Coach number, berth and Berth preference.
  • Box 9: A disclaimer which shows that the ticket is purchased from an authorized agent of IRCTC or generated by passenger’s account.

These details will help you out to know the basic elements of the tickets generated by Indian Railways. Remember! Always check your ticket details before you leave the reservation counter or fill in the details carefully while booking them online.

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Railrestro is an e-catering service parter of IRCTC which help travelers to order hot savory food in train across India.

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