How IRCTC E-Catering & Partners are Serving Hygienic Food During Train Journeys

Oct 24, 2018 · 5 min read

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that handles catering, ticketing and booking of services like flight tickets, hotels, cabs etc. is a user-friendly website for passengers who need all train journey services at a single stop. One of the useful services provided by IRCTC is that the passenger can order food online in train from their favorite restaurants to enjoy their journey or can book their meal in advance for a train journey in future. The pre-ordered meal will be delivered right at the seat of the passenger. Hence, travelers can enjoy their desired food delivered at their berth with no effort.

E-catering Service by Indian Railways

What is E-catering?
Food provided by vendors to the passengers was always objectionable. It was a painful experience to consume food sold at stations or in the pantry cars. The food catered in trains were unpalatable and distasteful often causing vomiting tendency or serious issues like dehydration or diarrhea. The passengers were forced to consume those food items as one can’t starve during the journey. Gradually, people started carrying a separate luggage or a bag filled with home cooked food and started to avoid the train food.

But This Was Not the Solution!
What’s the remedy if the train journey is long and the carried food becomes unfit for consumption after some hours?

To resolve such issues, IRCTC stated E-Catering system via its website and mobile application. E-catering means that passengers can order food for train journey online from their choice of restaurants en route and get them delivered hot and fresh at their seat. This was gift to the passengers as there are many restaurants and a range of veg and non-veg food to order. The journey became more exciting when IRCTC partnered with premium branded restaurants like Dominos and KFC. Their scrumptious pizza and hot fried chicken were available in train with few clicks. All you need is a smartphone and the IRCTC mobile app. Hence, came the era when Indian Railways acted as a bridge between the passengers and restaurants who were willing to provide the service of food delivery in train to solve the food issue of the passengers.

How to Order Food Online in Train via E-catering System:
IRCTC commenced its E-catering service for 76 stations in the beginning and soon stared to manage the service across all the Indian railway stations. Now, passengers traveling in train will not be deprived of tasty food. They will have enough choices to order and options to pay via online and offline mode. If you want to have mouth-watering food in train with no effort, then follow these five simple steps.

Visit or the mobile application.
Enter your PNR number
Choose your food from 500+ restaurants
Add to cart and confirm your order
Get food delivered at your seat.

As soon as the passenger enters a valid PNR number, the application auto fetches the list of restaurants and menu to choose. Order and enjoy food at your seat with the comfort of smartphone. You can dial 0120–2383892–99/ 1800–1034–139 (toll free) or order by sending SMS Meal to 139 with details of PNR and seat number and the meals will be delivered in train. Here are some tips while you order food from IRCTC.

While ordering food from IRCTC, one should read the menu and prices properly and in detail.
If you are ordering the food via phone, please convey your PNR number clearly, so that the order can be booked only on your PNR.
If possible, choose COD (cash on delivery) as an option to pay, as fluctuation in the internet connection is common, causing obstruction in payment process. Choose online mode only if your connection supports your order.
A dedicated call center is available for this entire facility which is available from 6 am to 10 pm. You can register your issues here, if any.

Food Partners of IRCTC
IRCTC manages many food plazas at the stations and fast food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Switz Foods, Alibaba, Dominos, Haldiram, Bikanerwala, Nirualas, Pind Baluchi, Sagar Ratna and Pizza Hut. Only IRCTC authorised vendors deliver fresh food to the passengers in train. IRCTC conducts a regular check of the stations to ensure that the meal items are provided to passengers. The railways provide 12 lakh meals every day.

The Popularity
E-catering system gradually became popular and started to grow as it fed hungry passengers in train with the food from their favorite restaurants or food joints. The passengers started to get tasty food as compared to the under-rated and unhygienic food of the pantry car. The food provided by the partner restaurants were delectable and priced fairly. This new facility urged the customers to order best food in train. Food is something everyone craves for and the urge to get good food during journey was the sentiment on which IRCTC started to ponder. As an outcome, it became extremely popular among the passengers. It provided the opportunity for local restaurants in cities to partner with IRCTC and sell their menu to the mass, traveling in train. This led to a steady growth in the business of partner restaurants.

RailRestro- An Exclusive Partner of IRCTC
With a view to expand the business base, IRCTC has partnered with many e-catering companies for providing food to passengers in train. RailRestro, a partner of IRCTC provides fresh food in train to the travelers who love to travel via train. It proved itself a boon for the non-pantry trains. So, people who are travelling in trains having no pantry car, can relax and contact RailRestro via our website or mobile application. Our mobile application works without internet and offers 5% discount on your order(use code “APP05”). You can visit our website to order or call us at 8102–888–111 to order your meal via phone. Our digital food experts will love to assist you during the food ordering process. Both IRCTC and RailRestro are working towards making possible arrangements for the passengers’ comfort to get fresh food in train.

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