When will we realize that we are one people? Same blood runs through all our veins. Why can’t we agree to disagree instead of anger and hate to each other. We all use the john the same way. We put on our pants one foot at a time. Still we can’t see the damage we are doing to ourselves and our children. Our future’s future till we need a suture to seal the wounds of the inflicted .I don’t want to point fingers and generations to blame. We have to get past that and clear the cloud at the end of the tunnel. As it will remain dark and there will be no future. Damage is already done. Point of a solution is admitting there is a problem. Problem is we can’t see beyond the next stimulus on tv, social media. Technology can be our friend and it can be our enemy. It is a double edged sword .It can do us good and it can do us harm fi we let it. It will continue to blind us from the fact that we are letting go of our humanity. The human side of us, the moral side of us. We are becoming just what we use every day. A chip with a program, no feeling. Busy wheeling and dealing. Can’t even take the time to see what’s around us. The beauty of our neighbors, friends and family. All the money in the world is great. It will and cannot save our lives it cannot make us better. We as a people have to want that for ourselves or we are going to just blow away like the wind through the sands of time with nothing to show for it. Leave your mark in this world and society. One act of kindness at a time. Show the world that one person can make a difference. As an eye for an eye only makes the world blind. Which is where we are today. Today a Son asks his mother how much she made an hour, she told him twenty dollars. Then asked her for five dollars, then he told her mummy. I now have twenty dollars from the money you gave me and all the money I have been saving. Please can I buy an hour of your time as so to have dinner with you? Family start the healing at Home. As no Government in the world from the beginning of time could ever get that done. Heal, it starts with you my friend from your Kingdom. 
“The Banana Boat Man”
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