The 2 Most Emotional Scenes in Justice League

Diana my hero.

I cried watching Justice League. Not because it’s good (though for many it’s better than BvS). The movie is far from perfect. But just like what I said in my previous post, “3 Signs You’ve Grown as a Film Audience (and as a Person)”, a film doesn’t need to be perfect for you to love it. It just has to have a thing that makes you tick.

So these are the 2 scenes from Justice League that made me tick.

1. “He was more human than me.”

“Superman will bring this team together better than I ever could. He was more human than I am. He lived in this world. Fell in love, had a job…” — Bruce Wayne

This scene between Bruce and Alfred had me burst into tears. It was a brief moment of vulnerability, of Bruce acknowledging that he is somehow incapable of making emotional connection with people — ashamed that even an alien could do better. What an emotionally wounded man. But at least he’s not denying it.

2. “They’re all Steve Trevor.”

“You wanted me to be a leader. But leaders get people killed. So I follow, always.” — Diana

I like how the film builds a tense argument between Bruce and Diana on this whole “being a beacon” thing. I personally can fully relate on Diana’s reluctance to get out there, on her fear of carrying the burden, of being responsible for people’s lives.

And what a sweet thing for Bruce to say that after that night, she is allowed to shut herself off as long as she likes.

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