Let me guess. We’ve been chatting somewhere and I’ve directed you to this page? If so, welcome to my link library :)

At this point, we’ve probably been speaking about a project I’ve been involved in and I’ve suggested you take a look at it. However, to save you time waiting for me to send you the exact link, I have put the most popular ones in a list below and have already told you which one to click on. For everything else there’s my Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Now you can go ahead and view the content you want. Enjoy.

  1. VaynerWorld 2013: One of my many interviews with Gary Vaynerchuk. A great beginners guide to social media, marketing, branding and business.
  2. VaynerWorld 2016: A much deeper dive into Gary’s philosophy with trickier questions, more heated debates and incredible jewels of knowledge.
  3. The Hustlers Mentality Video: A rant that went viral on Facebook after my interview on Dubai’s Dukkan Show podcast.
  4. The Golden Chamber Mixtape Hosted by The Wu-Tang Clan: I co-produced the only ever mixtape hosted by the Clan featuring golden era hip hop mixed with classic Wu-Tang songs and exclusive interviews.
  5. Dynamo meets Raekwon The Chef: We took a New York rap veteran and put him in a room with the UK’s biggest magician — one of my all time favourite projects.
  6. Raj Kotecha Presents The Mybiza Mixtape: Inspired by my first trip to Ibiza, I mashed my favourite genres together with a house base. I love this mixtape.
  7. Mybiza — The Beach Body Mix: A 17 minute bonus as I just had more ideas I wanted to record — great for interval training in the gym.
  8. Promoting mobile technology on Canadian TV (2005): A spokesperson media tour I did in 2005. Look for the worlds first iTunes phone (pre-Apple) and some dodgy ringtones.
  9. RZA explains “what we do is rare” to me: The moment the head of the Wu-Tang Clan changed my life.
  10. Who are Lovesoul video: My DJ partner Vik and I answer 10 questions about our career ahead of our sell out NYE party at London’s Gherkin Building.
  11. Sugar Hill Gang Interview: My 2010 interview with pioneering rap crew that released the first ever hip hop smash back in 1979.
  12. Tony Hsieh Interview: He is the CEO of Zappos, which he sold to Amazon for over 1.2 billion dollars. Then he poured me a vodka.
  13. My interview on Power 106 LA: One of my heroes, King Tech of the legendary Sway and Tech, interviews me on his show.
  14. My Friends Your Friends: An event where I bring together Dubai’s most talented connectors. Also explained in this 1 min Instagram video.
  15. Meeting Silverback Gorillas: I headed into Rwanda’s mountains to meet these rare primates. Wish I’d not had food poisoning though.
  16. ItsTheReal interview DJ Semtex: Full video of the event I produced in 2017 where top NY hip hop podcasters interview a UK legend. Or just check this 1 min Instagram wrap up.
  17. Threemix Vol 1, 2 and 3: Three mini mixtapes featuring just three songs each. Little passion projects, but still sound dope.
  18. My interview with Abigail Barnes: Right after Vaynerworld 2016 I was interviewed about my life in entrepreneurship and working with Gary.
  19. Dreams Worth More Than Memories: A short wrap up of an amazing set of gigs we did in Portugal, ending in a castle with a lot of drinks.
  20. The Life of a DJ: A conversation about modern day DJing — if you are a DJ, you need to hear this.
  21. Interview on Westside FM: Live radio interview about my history as a DJ and transition into the business world.
  22. The Russell Peters Afterparty 2005: My first project ever in London with legendary Forbes listed comic — I owe this dude a lot for this opportunity.
  23. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies - The Future of Money?: I sit down with Bitcoin entrepreneur Bobby Belev to talk the basics of cryptocurrency and some future gazing.
  24. VAT in the UAE: The biggest subject in business for 2018 across the GCC. Available in video and audio.