Hardware Entrepreneurs & Startups — Why Come to Lebanon ?

Lebanon, the Right Place for Hardware Companies and for Outsourcing Engineering Services

Call for Lebanese Expats & International Hardware Entrepreneurs

Raja Younes — Robert N. Noyce Building — Intel Headquarters (Santa Clara, California)

Word is spreading about the ambitious R&D and Semiconductor projects that are flourishing in Lebanon. Thanks to some Lebanese expats from California & Australia, the hardware industry started there ten years ago with relatively little support as compared to today, and could make some exciting breakthroughs (*ATC- VLSI: Chip Design, OTN — first hardware exit in Lebanon, in 2011, two years before the 331 Central Bank Circular initiative).

Beirut is considered an ideal place for investors per a CNN Money report that describes it as a vibrant locale of highly educated engineers (*ranks 6th in Math & Science Globally — Source: World Economic Forum 2016). A city centered between Western and Eastern cultures, Beirut is a hub of innovation in the Mediterranean region and an oasis of peace with plenty of funds for promising projects, including a 75% guarantee on Startup loans. These loans are supported by a vision of the Central Bank for Lebanon which is based on the Knowledge economy beyond the tourism sector that is a major source of income and employment, making up around 22% of the GDP in 2015 (USD 9.9 billion).

Lebanon has for years nurtured software and mobile applications startups, and now the Lebanese ecosystem aims to add another piece with a new focus on hardware to drive its next wave of industry growth, this being the presence of many local and international accelerator programs. However, the need for R&D centers and hardware academies is a must to feed the hardware ecosystem with the needed international and local skilled human resources.

Therefore, this is the right time for expats and international experts to take advantage of the momentum and come back to contribute to the Lebanese Hardware wave that already attracted tier 1 customers such as Google, Cisco Systems, Intel, Dell, Foxcon, Teledyne Scientific, IBM, Juniper, Oracle, and more.

MultiLane SAL — Huawei Headquarter (Shenzen, China)

Moreover, international organizations are invited to benefit from the fiscal incentives (0% on corporate income taxes up to 10 years) and the abundant availability of motivated engineers who are eager for success, and from state of the art labs fed with a skilled workforce that’s fluent in many different languages (English, French, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese & German). In addition, it offers access to greater Lebanon (sixteen million immigrants worldwide), and quick access to markets in the Middle East and North Africa (355 Million people).

*German stated recently: Beirut is the Silicon Valley of the MENA region

Lebanon is in the Center Between Europe, North Africa & the Middle East — IDAL

R&D Capabilities

Lebanon can offer to the global technology market a wide variety of competitive high quality — low cost engineering services covering System Architecture definition & design, High Speed Digital & Analog Schematics and Board design for multiple High Speed PCB layers (up to 60 layers), Simulation, Software/ Firmware Embedded development including SOC, FPGA, ASIC, CPLD and Micro-controller with distinguished Testing & Validation, Project & Product Life Cycle Management and documentation services.

International Hardware Startups

For further information do not hesitate to drop me an email at rajayounes@gmail.com to get the full version of the world’s new Silicon Valley, a guide for the incentives granted for entrepreneurs & investors in Lebanon, and to join the Hardware Startups — Lebanon Group.

Leading Lebanese Semiconductor Companies

KLEOS Takes the Lead at the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain)
Ziad Sankari, Cardiodiagnostics is Being Recognized by President Obama as one of the Top Global Entrepreneurs — CCTV America

Foreign Investments

  • National Instruments, IPG-Photonics, Nexan, VATC GmbH, in addition to Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, and Nokia Siemens offices …

R&D & Acceleration Programs, Meetup & Entrepreneurs’ Guide:

Hardware Startups — Lebanon

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Rise Above Lebanon — Source: Live Love Lebanon

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